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Precision Gourmet

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The Food


Precision & Gourmet.....

Sous vide is what we serve.

Our freshly sous vide products are never frozen and cooked to precise temperatures.

Longer cooking times and lower temperatures than conventional cooking brings our products, cooked in controlled water baths, to serving you, gourmet, at home.

The People


With over 15 years as a chef, studying in Toronto and Italy and working at premier restaurants and luxury hotels, Chef Tim Davies brings the sous vide world to your kitchen.  

As a career Chef, he is always looking for fresh and efficient ways to make food better.

Cooking with sous vide products for over 8 years, his use of this modern approach to food will change the way you eat.  His experience with techniques, times, temperatures and flavor profiles in world renowned restaurants, and luxury brand hotels has brought his products to your home.

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