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Precision Gourmet

The 'Fodder'


"Thank you so much for introducing us to sous vide.  The beef tenderloin was an amazing experience."  -  Christine

"I give you a 5 on all counts! Really delicious and so easy to serve up!"  -  Wendy

"Just wanted to thank you for the amazing meats! Sooo Good!"  -  Mike

"We don't eat a lot of meat, so the little that we do eat...needs to be great. And your product is."  - Paul

"The pork chops were delicious. We followed your product instructions and they were nicely browned on the outside, warm on the inside and still slightly pink and juicy.... The advantage to people like us is a perfectly cooked piece of meat every time."  -  Laura

"After trying all your products, everything now gets a five star from me!"  -  Deb

"The chicken was amazing and so easy to prepare..."  -  Katherine


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