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Benefits of Sous Vide

Sous Vide is a technique used around the world in the food industry, and with good reason. 

Chefs in luxury hotels, premier restaurants and resorts alike use this method to provide consistent results and ensure perfect cuisine, every time. Longer cook times and lower temperatures than conventional cooking, allows for products to be brought to precise temperatures with desired textures and flavourful, succulent results.

Sous vide cooking allows for healthier food as vitamins and minerals are better preserved. The flavor is enhanced with little or no additional ingredients, like salt and fats, and allows for ease of execution with no more overcooked or inconsistent foods, all while extending the life of the product in the vacuum sealed package.

History of Sous Vide

Sous vide today, is far more advanced than it was at its conception in the food industry around 1960.  The idea of precisely controlled water baths with immersion circulators was well established in medical laboratories for cell cultures and other delicate procedures.  The idea of sous vide in the food industry was initially executed as a safety precaution for high volume commercial food processing companies (like airplane food providers) and hospitals in order to easily pasteurize and sterilize foods to extend expiration dates. Today, restaurants, hotels and home cooks alike all enjoy the ability to precisely control times, temperatures and flavours in sealed, food safe plastic pouches, while extending shelf life and controlling doneness, and texture.

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